Sunday, August 31, 2008

Three Beans

There is a new cafe at Broadway shopping let's try !

The decoration is clean and bright, make me feel cozy and healthy haha (they aim at organic stuff)

Table No.23

Coffee beans from Toby's estate. The smoothness of milk froth is good.

My friend saw this sweet thing picute and he said it looks like poo..haha

White chocolate and raspberry cupcake...extremely sweet ><

That Friday night, I had Takoyaki at Asian festival, China town again...Delicious !!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there...
im Hester from Malaysia...
i found out your blog through the search engine, i kindly wish to get some information about LCB and studying and staying in Sydney.

Is it possible if u spare just a lil time to assist me, please?

Im gonna join the diplome in patisserie in coming jan 2009 and i would be happy to know more about the accommodation there as in area which is near the school or places which is convenience to get public transport.

my email address is

Thank You

mel said...


your posts have been very informative. i'm considering joining lcb paris next year. also, would like to know, where're you learning your coffee lessons?

hope to hear from you.


Bean Sprout said...

anonymous : I sent you an email already, please check ^ ^

mel : I glad to know that you guys got some information that you is my main purpose to blog..

anyway, my coffee school is operating by Thai people..called Thai media...but they also have class for international students...the teacher is Thai and he is the Australia 10th champ barista 2004 Tel is 0401027876