Friday, August 15, 2008

IP Lesson 9 : Tart au Chocolat Noir and Concorde Gateau

One of my most favourite product of LCB...Tart au Chocolat Noir !

I am very happy to have Chef Andre in our class...He is so neat and artistic (which is I lack of it)....

Tart au Chocolat Noir is a very chocolatey tart. It is made with chocolate short pastry and filled with dark chocolate decorated with raspberries..

This chocolate short crust is very contains lots of butter so we had to work on it very gently. Also this chocolate tart shouldn't be kept in the fridge cuz it contains lots of chocolate otherwise it will set and will be too hard.. Chef said just keep in room temperature and it will last for 3 days..but I don't think it will reach that time...:P

Concorde Gateau is a chocolate meringue layered with chocolate mousse and decorate with meringue. Because of time limit (again) we made just chocolate meringue first, piped into 3 ovals discs and straight for some decorations, then we will assemble it next week. We baked the meringue for 2 hours. haha yeah 2 hours since we need to dry out all moisture of meringue.

Chef Andre was assembling the Concorde Gateau.

So nice....I saw this kind of cake in Thailand before and always wonder how they make holes I know hahaha...It is just natural shape of meringue.

Seok was the chef assistance today.

Too sweet for me ><

For the Tart au Chocolat Noir, chef Andre taught us to think out of box...he said when we know something, we don't need to follow all...We should create something new...For instant, chocolate tart got crust and chocolate filling...We can present it in many ways...He showed us in plated desserts.

shooting !

So beautiful....chef made the crust in square shape and bake the filling in the tray .. but he said the biscuit should be more thin cuz it will be easier to break with spoon or fork.

His dark chocolate tart...

I think my chocolate tart is the most beautiful one...hehe of course in my idea...when I presented to chef Andre, he said '' very nice, nothing to say '' Wow...he made my day ^ ^

What do you think?

I was so proud.

Another shot !

Taste was soooooooooooooo yummy ! The best chocolate tart I have ever had !


Hungry Hamster said...

So pretty!!! I'm proud of you too ka!

Bean Sprout said...

hungry hamster : thanks ka sis ^ ^

Ben said...

Hi, is there anyway you would share a recipe for this concorde cake? I've tried a couple of times but can't seem to get it right! How did you pipe the curls? Thank you in advance!! ^.^