Friday, August 15, 2008

IP Lesson 5 : Chocolate Nut Cluster, Palines, Coffee logs

This moring I went to have some nice breakfast before going to school…Bourke Sreet Bakery on Broadway just opposite my house…in the busy time…the small shop was packed of office people waiting for their coffee and some pastries.

I chose the rhubarb Danish $4.00 Even it was cold, it was still nice ^ ^ Flaky and crispy

Busy barista busy making coffee ...

Sincerely I could finish my pastry before coffee came...took quite a long time..lucky I prepared enough eating time before the bus come...

In school, Su hee was the chef Karen’s assistant. We just finished our Vienna Almond, Coffee log (made from Coffee ganach) and hand mould the ganache into 12 g balls for assembling them into a croquembouche.
Chef Karen's plate 1.

Chef Karen's plate 2.

My can see a big difference from chef's ^ ^''


panda said...

i was wondering where you were! good to see you're back to blogging about lcb...i really want to go back and finish intermediate and superior patisserie!!

oooh...and you must live near where i work! i'm one of the 'office' people grabbing coffee in the mornings at bourke st. bakery :P


Bean Sprout said...

panda : I still can't use internet at my house now...haih...

Yeah..I think I must live near your office...hope to see you soon :D

And if you wanna try some of my product...please let me know ^ ^