Friday, August 15, 2008

IP Lesson 4 : Nougatine, Vienna Almond

Sorry for my disappearance for 3 weeks...It is about internet problem..Even now I am at my friend's house..still can't use internet at frustratred...I have to end up with tons of things to post :$

Anyway, I was very tired last last week …Chocolate week ! It sounds like another happy week ..Yeah, it was…..but it was very busy as well…First day was the preparation day…we prepared the Vienna almond and chocolate ganaches for chocolate hand moulding on Wednesday

Chef Michael showed us how to make Nougatine, which we were not allowed to make it again…

Nougatine is a candy made of caramelized sugar and almonds. The caramelized sugar should be a clear amber, not cloudy. Because the sugar is soft and pliable when it is hot, it can be cut and molded into shapes to make decorative pieces.

This is coffee log...prepared for Tueday...

Viennese Almond…Chef Michael taught us 2 ways to do:

First way: put the blanched almond into the boiling sugar and cook until it got golden colour (caramel)

Second way: cook sugar until it caramelizes then add the roasted almond and quickly take it out of the heat.

I found the second way make the better result cause the almond is crispier and more even in colour.

To prevent crystallization, when the sugar is dissolved, do not stir sugar and use a clean pastry brush dipped in hot water to wash any sugar crystals down the side of the pan.

My first batch of Vienna almond: The sugar had crystallized, chef said it was ok cause we will coat it with chocolate…However, we still got time so I made another batch which came out pretty good ^ ^

(the crystallized almond one taste so nice, just like the roasted peanut with sugar and chocolate in Thailand)

My new batch of Vienna Almond...very good

Our group, Su jin, Clair and me, made 3 different ganaches (one each) We had to make it and let it set in the room temperature until it set in the next day… I was responsible for making the dark Chocolate ganach with rum…I double recipe of rum … * It turned out too soft and we couldn’t use it on the next day…*embarrassed* so we had to make it again …

Sorry ….Sujin and Clair :P

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