Sunday, August 31, 2008


Pum (my neighbour) kindly invited me to join his birthday party at Fujiya. The entrance looks very small but when we went upstair...huge place and very packed !

Ready !

Very colourful menu.

Just one part of the floor.

Nigiri Sushi Delux $23.00 : 11 kind of sushi...very standard sushi. (4 people at the table, how come I got eat only a scallop ^^'')

Takowasabi $5.00 : Baby octopus with wasabi dressing. This is very good for starter...we all like it.

Kushi Nankotsu $3.80 I don't what it is called in English..It is the soft bone in the chicken brest. Never thought that this thing can become 1 dish served in restaurant.

Ebi Chilli $9.80 : Prawns and chili sauce. I like this dish the most...the sauce is a bit sweet, sour and spicy..perfect if eat with rice, pasta and bread.

Sasami Cheese Makiage $7.30 : Deep fried chicken rolls filled with cheese and cod roe. This dish sounds very interesting for me but the real one just a bit disappointing. Nothing speacial.

Fujiya Chahan $12.30 : Fried rice with grilled eel and egg. When it came, looked soooo different from the menu. I don't think there is an egg in the rice...I found it too sweet for my liking but others like it though.

Yaki Soba $9.80 ...I am not a big fan of yaki comment.

Ika no Ichiyabos $5.80 When it arrived..All my friends who ordered this one seems so disappointed..They said it looks much better on the menu.

Caramel custard $ 3.50, Maccha ice cream $3.50, Black sesami ice cream $3.90

I am not impressed by this restaurant but some of my friends like you can try if you want :P

Fujiya Japanese Tavern Restaurant

Level 1, 605-609 George St., Sydney, NSW 2000

Tel : (02) 9283 2268


Anonymous said...

As a Japanese person, I am ashamed of Fujiya. It is not a great place for real Japanese "izakaya" food. There are a couple better places nearby like Kasumi.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Anonymous : I will try to find Kasumi :)

edge said...

We went here a couple of months ago and while the interior look good...the serving and taste are not all that great. Kinda waste of money though.

where is kasumi? x

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

edge : haha... agree.. I don't really wanna go there again actually.. mmm... I totally forgot about Kasumi, no idea where it is lol