Friday, August 15, 2008

IP Lesson 12 : Hot Chocolate Self-saucing Pudding, Chocolate Mousse and Concorde Gateau

Wow wow woww....I was waiting for today for Hot Chocolate Self-saucing Pudding or some people call it.. molten cakes. It is the chocolate cake which has chocolate liquid inside..some recipe put ganach inside, some recipe is like chocolate cake but the trick is don't over bake.

Chef Andre showed us his professional you can see in the picture below.

His Hot Chocolate Self-saucing Pudding.

His Chocolate mousse.

My god ! all of them was soooo yummy. I didn't take the picture of the chocolate sauce inside the cake cuz first time when chef took it out from the oven, he felt that it was too runny so he put it back. This time it was too long so just a few liquid left...still taste nice anyway.

Last time I made tulip paste (the biscuit on top of chocolate cake in the below picture). It didn't turn out in nice shape...most of them damaged when I was trying to take it out from the tray...Anyway I hardly chose the best one I can find to decorate...You can see how nice it is!

Almost perfect except the cocoa powder ...after I dusted, I thought .."Ok..Ja, stop!" But yeah..I think it looks much beautiful than in some restaurants :P

This is chocolate mousse...Chef Andre said it is very nice...I can make it better by putting some chocolate sauce on surface of mousse.

Chef said I got the concept of the plated know how much I was happy for his compliment.

I got just 2 plates which were pointed..the rest was Su hee's

Still remember? last time we made only chocolate we assembled them.

I forgot to bring the ribbon for decoration...haih..

After this lesson, I felt in love with plated desserts...but you know, it took me lots of time before I decorated which is not good cuz in the real industry, we have to be fast and professional...still got a lot to learn...

On Thursday, I went to The coffee factory to give my chocolate concorde to P'Por. This time I used the ribbon chef Andre gave us when we made Chocolate Truffles Croquembouche . cake was in the cafe.

Cutting it was so hard I tell you.

My chocolate concorde with cappuccino Ping made for was very sweet so it went well with coffee

And the most important thing!!!! I served my cake to many customers for free...haha...Hope they like it :D

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