Friday, August 15, 2008

IP Lesson 6 : Chocolate Truffles Croquembouche

I was quite excited for today lesson since I saw the wonderful moutain of chocolate from Swee….

Croquembouche is normally made from Chux puff but today we made from Chocolate truffle…so amazing

We can make many varieties of truffles from 3 ganaches; milk, dark and white chocolate, and coat with coconut, nuts or even chocolate itself.

David helped Chef Andre making the cone of chocolate.

Assorted chocolate truffles!

Chef Andre with his croquembouche....

At first our group think that we will make about 5 different types of Truffles but we had not enough time, we did just 4: White ganache with white chocolate coating, White ganache with coconut coating, Milk ganache with almond coating, Dark ganach with dark chocolate coating.

haha....It looks amazing...isn't it...

At the Haigh's Chocolate Shop...the alcohol chocolate is about $3.00...and we used about 75 truffles in this Croquembouche... So what do you think about the price at approximately?


green is the new black said...

yummy!! I really luv truffle but the price,, waw!!

i also live in syd by now,,
nice to meet you!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Green is the new black : Hi...nice to meet you too ^ ^ I went to have a look at ur blog .. Is it Indonesian? Pictures look you are having a great time here but I can't read..haha