Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 17 in Melbourne : Invita, Dainty Sichaun Food

This was the last day for my dining in Melbourne because I will go back to Sydney tomorrow morning. I was thinking to have the nice breakfast but unfortunately, I was still so full from last night....felt like don't wanna eat anything....

Walking to Victoria Market to buy Spanish Donut for 2 boys, I had skinny cappuccino and ginger cake which I had last time...still nice...I can eat just 1 bite..that's it...Oh ! I lost my appitite already..too took away cake.

After that, I went back home quickly because felt not so good...arrived home around 13.00 ..Deryk and Henrik had not come home yet...I just turned on my laptop...reading something..very boring...

Around 14.00 they came back, put thier stuff on the floor then Deryk said '' ok..our friends are at Cyber Cafe downstair...good bye'' o_O

"My last day is this bad?" I was thinking...then tried to spend time myself at home until 6.10 pm. They came back and we went out for dinner....hurrr

I told Deryk.."We won't go to Red spice road, will we?'' (Red spice Road is the Thai restaurant where Deryk always tell me when I was in Sydney that he will bring me there...but now he just don't want to take me there !) So..I told that I wanna go to Dainty ...

Since we went there in peak hour....7 pm...there were such a longgggg queue waiting in and outside restaurant...we were a bit disappointed but cuz I really wanna eat we waited...

After we were waiting outside for awhile...we came inside..still had to wait..

more than 30 minutes...we got our table...many people still were waiting.

I wanna eat so many things but Deryk let us order just 2 dishes T_T

We ordered Shui Zhu Yu (literally means "Water Cooked Fish") The fresh fish slices are underneath the thick layer of red oil...that's the way this dish would be.... The bean sprouts were crunchy and have absorbed the flavours of the stock.

First spoon in to my mouth..wahhhh...I like it...the Szechuan red peppercorns,"or "huajiao" ("flower pepper") in Chinese was burn our tongue..haha

Henrik started to sweat !!

My rice..I like steam rice here...

Fish flavoured eggplant ! Very weird name but was wonderful !!! The best deep fried eggplant I have so far...very crispy outside and very soft and juicy inside...the sweet chilli sauce coated all the eggplant perfectly...taste was god...even Deryk who don't like eggplant ate this one without any complaint.

Look at it !

Anyway, I still dream of Spicy Cumin Pork Spare Ribs we had last time every day... Anyone wanna take away to Sydney for me ????

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