Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Lucky enough when I was walking along the street after having a delicious croissant at Monsieur Truffe, I found an interesting chocolate place called "Shocolate". I have heard of it before but had no idea where it is. But because I just had a hot chocolate, I came back on the other day to try thier one.

Looks really nice inside. The guy behind the display are very friendly, the most friendly one I have met. I had a hard time deciding what flavour of moulded chocolate I should try and he kindly explained to me about each flavour.

Moreover, I asked him whether I can take picture of the shop and he said sorry, they do not allow to take any picture... Sadly I told him I came from Sydney for holiday then he let me take the picture of the shop but not the actual products on the display. That was very nice :)

There are so many varieties of chocolate drinks on the menu. Many flavours of hot chocolate, iced chocolate, coffee, tea and the one I am interested the most is chocolate cocktail menu, called "Shocktail). Oh my, the alcohol with chocolate... must be nice ! (unfortunately I couldn't have any alcohol because of the Reflux T_T). There are also many desserts which I really want to try but I have to drag more friends here with me.

So I ordered the classic dark hot chocolate.

They served their hot chocolate with an additional small jug of steamed milk dusted with shaving chocolate. He said I can adjust the thickness of chocolate to my preference. However, the hot chocolate was perfect by itself... Thick and rich (but not too rich like italian one), just the way I like. I finished the whole tall cup in sec and drank some steamed hot milk.. haha.. One of the best hot chocolate I have had. (Kokoblack is used to be my favourite, now Shocolate !)

If I have a chance to go to Melbourne again, definitely go back and try their chocolate cocktail menu :P

3/296 Brunswick St., Fitzroy VIC 3065
Tel : (03) 9415 6556

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Texas Food Handlers said...

Looks like there are lots of good chocolate shops there in Melbourne. I'll definitely love to check that store out. Thanks!