Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bar Idda

Wanted to find some cheap and good Italian food, Nut & LS were thinking about this place.

Authentic Sicilian

Marinated fried sardines, nothing to talk about.

Frascatoli - Winter broccoli with wet polenta and caciocavallo

Simple and the most ok-dish for me.

Some pasta in tomato base sauce... mmm.. very disappointing.

Stuffed pork cutlet.

again, nothing interesting.

Italian hot chocolate

At least there are something great. When the hot chocolate came at the table, I got a feeling that it gotta be good from its look and smell. And it was sublime. The rich thick velvety chocolate, oh my !

Ricotta Canoli with honey and pistachio

The bigest canoli I have seen and one of the best I have had (of couse another one is at Bacco ^^) The filling was just right, creamy and not too sweet. The shell is different from normal canoli... very nice.

The sadness from the savoury dishes become happiness :)

Maybe we just ordered the wrong dishes?

Bar Idda
132 Lygon St., Brunswick East
Tel : (03) 9380 5339

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