Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thanh Ha

FH shown us her favourite vietnamese place in Melbourne. Telling the truth, I didn't expect it gonna be "THIS GOOD''

Arrived there around 11.30, the place wasn't busy at all.

Steamed rice paper roll with prawn and pork $9.50

I have never had this before. The rice paper roll is similar to the chinese version one but this is eaten with the sweet and sour sauce (the vietnames dressing) and the deep fried mungbean thing at the left hand side was amazing.

Vietnamese Pancake with meat and prawn $14

I had this before in Thailand a couple time but this one was way better ! It was incredible delicious, fresh and flavoursome. Every spoons into my mouth gave a fun texture. When I was eating a crispy part, I love it and when I was eating the soft chewy part, I also love it ! So I couldn't stop eating. However, it was too bad that we couldn't finish these 2 dishes (even 3 people were sharing since we just had a coffee and muffins at Three bags full.) Definitely one of the most memory meal in Melbourne. Highly recommend !

Thanh Ha
172 Victoria St, Richmond
Tel : (03) 9429 8130

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