Monday, July 12, 2010

Monsieur Truffe

I have never known that Chocolate croissant can be this good until I tried one at Monsieur Truffe.

LS & Nut told me that there is one place, their chocolate croissant is to die for... and they took me there.

While I was happily taking pictures, the very friendly staff took this tasting plate out from the shelf and let me take the picture of it clearly, how nice :)

Those amazing-look pastries, I came back in another day to buy somes but there were just a few left.

Hot chocolate, just nice, not too sweet nor too rich.

and this this this....

The best chocolate criossant ! It was fluffy, crispy yet soft and beautifully buttery. I don't know how to describe... Highly recommend !

See those stunning layers?

and after that, I took away this "delicious" (name of the product). It is chocolate & hazelnut... I couldn't resist myself to have a bite when I was walking... and wow, I tell you, different from the chocolate croissant which is more fluffy, this one is crisp and just melt in my mouth !

Monsieur Truffe
90 Smith St., Collingwood, VIC
Tel : (03) 9416 3101

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