Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I moved from Junjun's house to Deryk's. Lunch with 2 boys.

Don't you like the colour of the bottle? :D

We arrived there quite early, no one yet.

Of course, we had an iced teh tarik $3.50 & hot teh tarik $3 .. but no "tarik" :P

Henrik had Char Kway Teow $13.00, they use the small noodle, just like the one in Malaysia.

Deryk had Nasik lemak with chicken curry $9.80. Looks so good. I wanted to order this but he said I just had it last night and he recommended me to order another one.

Crispy pork with yam sauce $9.80

I have never heard about this dish before, quite interesting. Since I like Yam, taro thing.. so this one is good for me. The sauce was like taro puree, rich a bit sweet and salty. It was good but can't eat too much..haha. The pork was not as dry as it looks. But the dish was too much for me, I finished all sauce though.

Chai - Eat like Malaysian
127 Pelham St., Carlton, 3053
Tel : (03) 9347 7448

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