Monday, July 12, 2010

Nasik Lemak House

Nut & I were craving for some Asian food.

I came here first time in 2007. Everything looks like the same.

Nut ordered some noodle, no idea what it is called.

But it was huge !

Nasik Lemak Kelantan $9.40

Actually I wanted something not spicy. I didn't order the Nasik lemak with fried chicken cuz I thought that fried stuff was not good for my stomach (Reflux) so I chose this one. The description was Nasik lemak with marinated chicken with sweet and sour sauce. mmm.. marinated chicken should be fine.. then it turned out that its fried chicken with chilli sauce... hahahaha.. How stupid I am ! But taste was good !

LS ordered Char kway teow, looked dangerously good !

My eye bag><

Then desserts were at Brunetti again. (near the area)

Macarons tower.. nice colour !

Nasik Lemak House
115 Grattan St., Melbourne VIC 3053
Tel : (03) 9663 1555

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missklicious said...

Love the pretty colour of the macaron tower!