Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Outpost Cafe

One of the prettiest cafe in my Melbourne trip this time gotta be Outpost ! Hiden in the building next to Train station, once you walk inside, wowww..... Let the pictures tell you.

The cafe has 2 sections, the kitchen area and another dining room where is just opposite. In the kitchen room, there are a few small tables which I really like and wanted to sit there, enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the cafe. Too bad, we were 3 people which is not convenient for sitting there so we sat at the dining area.

The dining area

The menu, they print it every single day, cool !

I ordered cappuccino but the waitress brought me a latte, I told here its fine. However, the latte was very weak, feel like drinking milk.

Deryk's mocha, he thought its not bad.

Scrambled eggs on toasts with homemade tomato relish with grilled chorizo $13.50

Deryk had this one and it was very good. The scrambled eggs were creamy and the chorizo was packed of flavours.

Henrik's dish : Shaved Istra leg ham and Pynegada cheddar toasty with seeded mustard mayonnaise $12.50

Sorry for the poor photo, I tried my best but couldn't get a good shot :'(

Grilled asparagus with truffled mascapone, Tasmania oak smoked salmon, free range poached egg and wild rocket leaves on sourdough $18.50

I quite like the dish, the asparagus was good, egg was perfectly poached. The mascapone, however, had a very subtle truffle flavour, almost too subtle... haha

The muffins & Sandwiches look so yummy, wanna go there again just for that.

Outpost Cafe
9 Yarra Street, South Yarra VIC 3141
Tel : (03) 9827 8588

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