Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cutler & Co.

I had such a wonderful holiday in Melbourne for 2 weeks... Arrived there on 3rd July and went to Cutler & Co. straight away for dinner at 8 pm. Here I met new friends, LS and FH.

From outside of the restaurant, it looks a bit scary but once you enter inside, its totally opposite, dark tone with the romatic-ish kinda lighting.

There offered us 2 types of bread : white sourdough & rye sourdough. I, of course, tried both, the rye one was nice but the white one was even better. Super chewy crust and soft inside... one of the best, one of the best... and it was paired with the very delicious butter, FH said its the Warrnambool butter from Curds and Whey. (I bought about 200 g back to Sydney..haha)

Mandarin duck : crisp leg, smoked fillet, foie gras cigar $26

We all chose the Mandarin duck and I was so excited after had a first bite. It was very fun dish, all combinations worked well and complemented each other. The crisp leg was deep fried and so delicious. The fillet was tender and the foie gras mousse was so smooth.

Slow roasted pheasant, brussels sprouts, chestnuts & quince $48

LH & Nut had the same dish. The presentation was tempting. Look like so many different things to try. I tried a bit of pheasant breast, was a lil dry for me but the potato thing (I think) was very yummy. However, I thought the dish was too much for me... (its not mine though..haha). Nut seemed enjoy her dish anyway.

Roasted suckling pig, mustard fruits, braised greens & pearl barley $43

Since I read the review from Jenius, I told myself I have to try this ! So I ordered the pork belly dish same as FH. Once it came, I felt it looked so lonely compared with the pheasant dish.. Nevertheless, the skin was nicely crisp just that the meat didn't have so much fat as I expected. I like the greens, taste was familiar but I cound't recall what it is. The mash was smooth but the mustard fruits (again, no idea what it is) was too sweet for my liking, it tasted like the chinese plum sauce. I was struggle to finish it, very filling.

The pearl barleys came with the pork dish and its creamy.

Violet ice cream, chocolate ganache & sour cherry $18

Steamed quince and suet gingerbread, rosemary & chestnut ice cream $18

We were quite full from the huge plate of main, so we decided to order 2 desserts to share. The violet ice cream was nice. I like the sponge in the plate, and the chocolate ganache (seemed like mousse to me). There were dehydrated raspberry which helped us cut through the sweetness of chocolate.

The gingerbread dish was also not bad. It was served warm like pudding but it was not a cup of LS & Nut's tea. I don't mind it though.

After we asked for the bill, the petit four came. The passionfruit chocolate fudge which were surprisingly very good.

The most favourite part of the meal were bread, butter and entree. If other dishes were that good, this place would be the one I would love to come back.

Cutler & Co
55-57 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Phone: 03 9419 4888


monica said...

the mandarin duck dish is so pretty and looks delicious :)

thang @ said...

Thanks for this, going to Melb for work in a couple of weeks.. looking for places to try.. thanks for the post.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Monica : It is.. yummy dish.

thang : I will try update my blog about Melbourne as soon as I can.. still got a lot more to go :)

Dolly said...

hey missy

i saw u at gfw show haha

at the nescafe line i wanted to say hi but i had to run to my friend..

did u have fun?