Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 13 in Melbourne : Beetroot, Ito, Brunetti

Today breakfast was my turn...I took Deryk to Beetroot Cafe on Hardware St. where is quite famous...It is in the Cheap eats since 2004. I read from the blogs that they serve the nice breakfast...

I really like the interier...No wonder it's popular with a stylish younger crowd! (like us lol)

The staff were delightful and attentive...almost too much... I haven't made my decision about my dish yet, he already kept money from Deryk for his choices ...-_-'' (To tell the truth, I really quite annoyed why ''he'' didn't wait for me...''he'' can mean both of them..haha)

Very cute !

So many pies on the window...actually my intention was something light for breakfast but I was distracted....

Deryk quickly chose the Hunter's Pie $12.00...I don't really know what it beef inside...

My choise was Butter Chicken Pie $12.00 Honestly, it was Deryk 's choice also...It just came out from the oven then deryk said to me after he paid for his order ..."Butter Chicken"..I thought he wanna eat...but then he just touched a bit and continue finishing his pie...I don't really like the bland for me.

Deryk's Mocha $3.00 Looks nice, it has the real chocolate in the bottom of the glass.

My Skinny Cappuccino $3.00 It's quite nice.

After I was upset from many things well my food wasn't a good choice..So I ordered 1 more famous Hot Chocolate with Flossy Persian Sugar $3.80 to make me feel better.

It came so pretty....made me a bit happier...but the taste was not as good as its look.

Try to be happy with my hot chocolate ^ ^

Then I went to have dinner alone at Ito, I was really impressed by eggplant there last time I came here with my friend.

Moriwase Sushi $14.60 for Entree size. The fishes were fresh, the rice tasted perfectly for me....happy meal :D

Deep fried Eggplant with miso sauce $7.50 It came in a slice piece not the whole half eggplant like last time...Since the miso sauce is very powerful...The thinner the eggplant, the saltier I can taste...

Today was not my day...actaully got more things happened today...I felt so blue and still kept continue walking on the street...and had coffee at Brunetti, Swanton St.

My skinny latte with Barleys $5.20 ..First time for me having coffee with liqueur...cuz I wanna drunk by coffee ????? hahaha

Then I bought another huge chocolate Churro filled with caramel from one shop at Flinder station...I didn't even hugry before having Japanese dinner...I think I loose my appetise when I feel upset...but I just feel I have to eat and then end up eating more than

Beetroot Cafe
123 Hardware LaneMelbourne VIC
Tel : (03) 9600 0695


Anonymous said...

Just want to clarify, beetroots original owners sold up last year, which really does explain your experience, the food, the money issues, the coffee, none of that would have happened in the past, it was very deserving of its previous acolades.

Bean Sprout said...

anonymous : oh...I didn't know that...thanks for an information....Anyway, I took away the mixed berry and white chocolate there...very nice one ^ ^