Friday, July 25, 2008

Bite Me

At first, we IP3 were thinking about having BBQ party at some parks or beaches...then finally we decided to go to eat at the restaurant in Bondi Beach instead...then "ok ..1.00 pm at Bondi beach"...That was what Seok told everyone.
You couldn't imagine how many people joined this party....3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah...Me, Seok and Sam :(

So we went to Bite me...I influenced them cuz wanna eat since I read from beverly

The paper sheet for our creativity during waiting for food.

Pepper and salt grinders..cute !

Seok...what are you looking? haha

We had just water which has a piece of lemon.

Which colour do you want?

Sam's order : Great Australian Bite topped with fried organic egg, melted cheddar cheese, bacon rasher & grilled fresh pineapple $16.00

It was HUGE !!! How can we eat this one? Even Sam had to separated them first..haha

Seok's : Beef Encounter™ $15.50 King Island beef burger topped with melted King Island Cheddar, sautéed red onions,vine-ripened tomatoes,cos lettuce & Bite Me BBQ sauce

Ja's : BLOODY MARY $16.00 Terra Rossa beef burger flavoured with vodka, horseradish, onion, tomato & parsley, smothered in our secret recipe Bloody Mary sauce (including vodka, Worchestershire, Tobasco & tomato) served with cos lettuce

Why was mine the smallest one? Haih...

Smile !

Even it was so small, I was still happy cuz I have never eat real Hamburger since I came to Sydney.

Ready !

Can you see the difference between Sam's and mine?

Sam was trying to eat.

Anyway, mine was very normal...I couldn't feel any vodca or anything time I will try something with cheese...must be nicer.

After that we went for ice cream.......

So many varieties.

Maple walnut, Cream brulee and chocolate chips.

OK...this one is for you guys from Sam lol.

Bite Me Bondi Beach

108 Campbell Parade (near Ravesi's)

Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Tel : (02) 9300 6566

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