Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 3 in Melbourne Part 2 : Oriental Tea House

For dinner...we went to the Oriental Tea House on Little Collins St.

The atmosphere is sooooooo nice...quiet and modern. The Iterior is distinctive red, white and black and surrounded by white-trimmed windows. Like East meets West...and if you need dim sum at night, this is the place to go.

Deryk we were very lucky...every times he come, it is full-house...but this Saturday night, got plentty of seats. He also was excitedly asked us what type of tea we want...He got the special way to drink tea.

We all ordered herbal tea...The tea pot looks new for me.

He proudly showed us how to use this thing....ah..quite interesting !

Ja's : Happy Tea $3.00

Deryk's : Relaxing Tea $3.00

Henrik's : Refreshing Tea $3.00

Here also is the tea shop...Teapots, mugs, warmers, tins, spoons and paraphernalia are elegantly displayed.

Soy sauce...still cute !

The yum cha dishes at Oriental Tea House are modernised and Westernised, but we rather liked most of them...let's start with :

Crystal Prawn dumpling $6.90 I like this one the most... (Ja's choice)

Chicken dumpling $4.90 (Henrik's choice)

Chinese Broccoli with oyster sauce $8.90 (Deryk's choice)

Deep fried octopus $8.90 (Henrik's choice)

Football dumpling $4.90 (Henrik's choice) Filled with minced shrimp and pork...interesting...

I think taste like the BBQ pork bun.

Rice paper prawn $6.90 (Deryk's choice) It was very nice also, crispy and not oily...

Pork Shu Mai $5.90 (Deryk's choice) this one was very normal.

Mustard King Prawn $11.90 (Ja's choice) ..can't taste any mustard !

Attack !!!!!!!

After 1st round....ordered more !

Taro Scallops $8.90 This one tastes very white cream sauce mushroom in chinese style.

Peking Chilli Dumpling $5.90 I like the texture of the skin.

Dessert time !

Mango Pudding $5.90 Nothing special

Chocolate Dumpling $8.90 ..Not bad if you wanna try something different...It would be much better if they put more chocolate filling.

It is not cheap place but worth !

Oriental Tea House
378 Lt Collins St, Melbourne
Tel : (02) 9600 4230

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