Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lesson 25 - 26 : Buttercream Gateaux

Gateaux we did today consists of Japonaise-meringue layers made with ground toasted almonds, Genoise sponge and Italian buttercream between layers. The genoise and japonaise were prepared on Monday and assembled the cake on Tuesday.

We were made white and chocolate genoise sponge and make 2 flavours of and chocolate.

Here are some of the cake decorated by chef Karin and Chef Olivier...

This one is Chef Olivier's...My favourite ! (either cake or chef lol)

Heart Attack Cake ! We used 3 blocks of butter for buttercream 1 recipe...And we did in group of can u imagine how much of butter we had to put...scary !!!!

Because the sponge is naturally a bit dry, we have to brush it between layers with syrup...Making Coffee and rum syrup, I used lots of rum instead of sugar syrup...At home, I wiped the cream off and ate only cake...wowww...can make me tipsy really.


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