Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On Ramen

We, Sam, Seok and Ja had our plan to watch Kungfu Panda this Monday so we had early dinner before movie around 3.30 pm (actually it was late lunch)

The restaurant looks nice from the menu outside...so we walked there.

We all agree their menu looks so tempting.

Don't you think so?

another table was also Thais...(I heard)

We ordered 2 sets for sharing...1 Tenderious pork rib ramen set and 1 Wagu beef teriyaki bento.

Salad came with Ramen set...fresh and tasty dressing.

4 pieces of Salmon Sashimi came with ramen set... because I was only 1 girl...so I had 2 pieces... lol

The ramen came first.......We all were so happy...after 1st sip, I said wow then everyone like..umm, umm...then continue eating ....So awesome, the soup was creamy and reasonably tasty if a tad oily, the pork was so tender, the noodle was just right cooked.....(but if eat alone, it wll be too much)

When i read the menu...the first thing attracted me was an boiled egg..^ ^

Takoyaki came with ramen set again...really hot and yummy...the cheese sausages were a bit too salty.

The Wagu beef teriyaki bento.. Takoyaki and salad were same as we had..but rice was not Japanese rice..so a bit sad for that.

Beef was tender and juicy.

This meal was a really nice meal, good food and nice friends...(not sure because we were too hungry or not :P)

On Ramen

Shop 4 181 - 187 Hay St.,

Hay Market, Sydney

Tel : (02) 9211 6663

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