Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 1 in Melbourne

Thursday 3rd, July 2008....I have been waiting so long to this day...yeah...gonna go to Melbourne....Really miss nice cafes, food, senery and friends there...

I booked the flight since the end of May...the flight is JQ603 : Syd - Mel : 8.40 - 10.10 am. to Avalon airport. I woke up at 5.50 and already called for taxi yesterday to pick me up at 6.30 am.

It took about 25 minutes to the airport by Taxi $39.60, I arrived there 6.55 plenty of time which is good...I don't like to rush, earlier is better.

Very sleepy so I have a skim mocha $3.60 from one cafe at the airport.

Gate 49 to Melbourne !

Jetstar is the one I use for this trip...Return ticket is $ 159...not too bad (but Avalon airport -_-'')

Almost land !

I bought the shuttle bus return ticket $36.00 ($20.oo for 1 way) to take me to the Southern cross station.

About 45 mins...I arrived The Southern cross station...Wow.....finally, I am back to Melbourne again....Deryk picked me up there and we took the city circle to his new apartment...on La trobe st..(and Russel st.)

After that, we went to Paramount China town mall for quick lunch with Henrik and Nicolas.

Deryk took us to eat Korean food.

This one is Nicolas $6.00 I dunno what it is ^^

It is very good bargain...1 main dish for $9.00 - -10.00 and you can choose 3 side dishes and they serve you at the table (and it is the food court !)

I had the Pok Kimji hot pot....Taste is like tom yam hehehe..

Deryk had a beef BBQ ...not bad !

Henrik's wss the Pork bento...Stir fried pork with kimji and many side dishes...about $9.oo

After that, we walked a bit to look around and deryk had to work at 4.00 pm...and I was not really hungry so I had my cheesecake for rich..I like it ! (But henrik found it was too rich..^^'') I am in Melbourne...wowwww ...hope this trip in Melbourne is the memorable one :D

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Tim Chuma said...

That's across the road from my work. If the lemon sauce for the lemon chicken is not nuclear yellow glowing, most people won't eat it.