Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 5 in Melbourne : Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons

Our dinner, Deryk took us to his favourite restaurant...Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons at Crown. I admit I was excited. The restaurant's "no booking" policy made us went there quite early for dinner ...around 6 pm on Monday night so we still have plenty of seats on offer.

GAS has its menu on paper which also double as placemats. Pastas, antipastos, meats, including an extensive selection of salamis. We (Deryk) had already decided what we want before sitting lol...We just need to choose more 1 entree.

The bread basket offered the most divine mix of breads dipped in stunningly fresh, vibrant Australian olive oil.

We asked for Balsamic vinegar....So nice !

Deryk's Campari & Fresh Orange / Ja's Campari & Fresh Ruby Grapefruit $8.00 I like it...

Henrik's No.8 $ 15.00 ( I dunno what it is...know only it contains vodca)

The atmosphere is very fabulous for me...looks like laboratory...also the waiter's uniform...

There is a showpiece in the middle of the restaurant...Cured meat carbinet !!! All of them look fantastic.

They are built in slots which house the cutlery, olive oil and salt & pepper grinder.

''Caciatore'' Salumi $12.00

Slices of the best salami I have tried. This salami is a soft cured variety. Taste is very mild and beautiful texture.

"Gambaretti'' : Oregano Dusted Clarence River School Prawns, Lemon, Aioli $18.00

These little prawns are wonderful. Sqeezing lemon then eat the whole thing...very fresh and crunchy. The aioli is also very good accompany.

''Calamari Fritti", Zucchini, Mint $25.00

I have never known that zucchini goes well with calamari...2 thumps up ! (but it is good for sharing otherwise it will be a bit too oily and salty.)

For main. "Chittara Arrabbiata" : Spaghetti of Crab meat, Tomato and Chilli baked in a paper bag $24.00

Deryk loves this pasta. It is simple and delicious, you can feel a hint of

Generous of crab.

Meal can't be completed without desserts !

Fresh Raspberries, Rose Flavoured Grappa, Vanilla Mascarpone Tart $18.00

They make the crust so thin and short...melt in your mouth ! The mascarpone cream is very light, creamy (but I didn't notice the trace of Grappa cuz I tried too little of it)

Baked Chocolate Pot, Chocolate Pearls Served Chilled $14.00

They told that this dessert is very famous....I totally agree ...very creamy like a mousse. The bitterness of dark chocolate, the richness of the cream make it very well-balance. I got lots of energy after finish this ^ ^

''Gelato Affogato" $17 : Organic Egg Vanilla Ice Cream, Espresso, Milk Chocolate Sauce, Glenlivet 12 yo Whisky

My favourite !!!!!!!!!! Cuz it is Henrik's i had just 2 spoons...OMG...I love it...wanna go there again and order only this ><

Yummm........not too sweet !

First, pour the espresso, follow by the chocolate sauce and finish with whiskey !

Around 7.30 pm...Full-house !

Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons

Crown Casino8, Whiteman St,

Southbank, Melbourne

Tel : (03) 9694 7400


Katie said...

That meal looks great...especially that dessert!!!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow, looks like an amazing meal!

Bean Sprout said...

katie : I really wanna go there for affogato again ><

jenndz : it is...thanks for visiting my site ^ ^

Hungry Hamster said...

This looks awesome! I'll be sure to try it when I go back!