Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 4 in Melbourne Part 1 : Victoria Market

Have an appointment with Bobo around 11 am at Mcdonald's, Victoria Market. I arrived there at 10.55 am then she called that just woke up ^ ^'' ok.....just wait for 1 more hour...

Too hungry so had a skinny mocha at Invita Cafe at Vic Mart...

Still nice...$3.40

Hurrr......long time never came don't wanna go back to Sydney >< . Really want you guys in Sydney come to join me...

Finally Bobo and Beer came...I was very surprised when Bobo was telling me that she got married since this January...wowwww !

We had 3 hotdogs - Mild, spicy and bratwurst...$5.30 each

Bobo and Ja

Beer and Bobo

Bratwurst and Spicy sausage.

After finished our hotdogs....My main mission today was ....Spanish Donut !!!!!!!!!

Long queue but quick.

We bought 7 for $6.00 or you can get 1 piece for $1.oo

First time bought Chocolate dipping $1.50
Then just walked around...

And I bought the cuteeeeee gloves and hat made from Nepal...It is really cute ! (but a bit too hairy)
Ja definitely come again....^ ^

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Tim Chuma said...

Some mustard? (bratwurst shop)


Lamb! quarter! chops! $6.99!

I am sure someone has walked around the market with a microphone and put it together later.