Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 12 in Melbourne : Ghin Khao, Max Brenner, European Beer Cafe

We felt like eating Pad Thai we went to Ghin Khao on Swanton St.

Iced Milk Coffee...Deryk's favourite...just very normal for me.

Tom yum prawn $13.60 very pricey for this amount...and too sweet !

Som Tum & Gai Yang : Papaya Salad and grilled chicken...both of them were really nice like last time I had ....just this time was less spicy...

Chicken Pad thai...I really like Pad Thai here...not too oily and the taste is perfect for my liking...I think it is the best Pad Thai I have ever had in Australia...better than some in Thailand...

Son in Law Eggs ...Wonderfulllllllll !!!! the very crispy shallot in the sweet and sour sauce....Eggs were cooked just perfect and still crispy outside (unlike some which is sticky) It was a bit unique taste compared with the one I had in Thailand...but it is the best Son in Law eggs I have had so it !

I was full ! but 2 boys weren' we continued eating at Max Brenner at QV

We shared Chocolate brownie with Ice cream $8.50.

Looks how beautiful it is....

Our dinner was at European beer cafe on Exhibition street...I had dinner here last year...quite nice.

We have to order and pay at the bar...

Henrik had 1 glass of beer...I don't know what it is called.

Henrik's : Roasted pork rib eye with beetroot sauce $18.90 Looks so small

Deryk's : Home made Shepherd's pie topped with cheese then oven baked and served with shoestring fries and a julienne salad $16.00....I like the mashed potato on top...creamy...

Ja's : Beef, red wine and rosemary Pie with shoestring fries and side salad $17.00

Wow......the puff pasty was fantastic..very flaky and crispy...I was so happy eating this... ^ ^

The beef was so tender even it looks dry from this picture...but not dry at all...Nice meal !


Hungry Hamster said...

I love pad thai at Ghin Kao too, they used smaller noodles..not sen jun, but sen lek or something. It was good!! My fav in Melbourne too

Bean Sprout said...

hungry hamster : yeah...i prefer sen lek than sen jun na...^ ^

viji said...

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