Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 15 in Melbourne : Han Guuk Guan, La Citta

Actually today I wanna have breakfast at some nice cafes but Deryk wanna eat noodle -*- So I said ''Let's go eat Black bean noodle at Han Guuk Guan (at least it seems like I can choose ^ ^'') Since last time we had the wrong Black bean noodle.

12.05 pm...only 2 tables there...

We ordered 2 dishes, Bibimbab and Black bean noodle...It is very good bargain to come here for lunch...every dishes are $8.00

Bibimbab came first..we were a bit disappointed that it was not in Hot stone bowl...

Small side dishes...Kimji was very salty.

Taste was ok...should be much better in Hot stone bowl.

Yeah yeah...Black bean noodle came....So yummy ! 2 thumps up !!!

Then for dinner, Deryk was working I just randomly picked up 1 restaurant on Degrave St....I didn't even hungry yet..still full from lunch but really felt like eating some nice desserts....

La Citta

Inside I feel cozy.. the waitress did her job pretty well.

Actually I really wanna eat just some turkish bread with dips or antipasto...unfortunately they don't have on the menu.

Another waiter gave me a spoon ..but I didn't order soup ^ ^''

A glass of something red wine $9.00 I asked for a waitress to recommend a glass of red wine...She gave me about 50 ml of wine to taste first, I like it then she filled the same glass with more the red wine....(I thought she gonna give me a new glass...or she suppose to do this ?) And I think she gave me too little lol

Yarra Valley Quail stuffed with Italian sausage pan roasted with soft polenta pan juices $ $18.00

I told you I was not hungry but...haha...I chose the whole quail !

The polenta was so creamy and tasted very nice. I honestly enjoyed it more than quail. However, the quail was good also but I left some of sausage cuz too full.

Now I felt tipsy already...started taking myself photos...As you can see from the above photo of a glass of wine...I said she gave me too little...but so strong..haha

My main mission today : Chocolate Self saucing pudding with vanilla ice cream (allow 15 minutes) $16.00

Hurr...not so satisfied...very normal..I think I can make better than this :P

Quite a bit expensive meal compare with the quality...

La Citta

11 Degraves St., Melbourne , VIC 3000

Tel : (03) 9014 8824

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