Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 14 in Melbourne Part II : Borsira Ristorante

Finally, we got the meeting...It was Pantip Meeting !!!!!! I knew N'Pea and N'F from Gon Krua in Pantip , The Thai famous food webboard ... Our meeting time was 6.30 pm. on Wednesday in front of Koko Black, Lygon St. to find some nice Italian food...

N'Pea brought 3 friends, N'Card, N'Ploy and N'Ploy...yeah...2 Ploys lol . We didn't have any specific just walked and looked around.

Then we ende up at Borsari Ristorante.

The restaurant looks a bit more formal than many casual pizza cafe around there...

The waiter took 6 of us to the round chinese style table..hehe...I like this style of table...good for sharing ^ ^

Ready !

Atmosphere is warm yet elegance.

The friendly waiter gave us the menu, we haven't even start to open menu yet, he asked whether we want some garlic bread...of course I am a big fan of bread so I moved my head immediately.

He brought 2 big baskets of fresh baked garlic breads...I like it...warm, chewy inside, crispy outside and lots of butter and garlic...I ate 2 pieces before food came...almost full...(and kept 1 for spare).

And I just knew after that they charged the bread per head..$4.50 Quite pricey !

There are so many dishes on the we decided to choose 1 of each.

N'Pea's : Carpaccio bresaola : Thin sliced of fillet carpaccio, drizzled olive oil lemon jus and parmigiano $19.50

The main flavour I can taste was lemon which is good but in total..not outstanding.

N'Card's : Caneton Roti al' Orange : Half a duckling, pan fried in butter with orange zest & flambeed with Grand Marnier $33.00

It was the Hi light of the night for me...very tasty. The duck was tender, juicy and the sauce tasted just perfect ...a bit sweet from Marmalade and the aroma from Grand Marnier...

N'Ploy's : Feletto alla Borsari : Prime cut fillet of beef, char-grilled with scampi & finished in a light lobster bisque sauce & porcini mushroom $36.50

The beef was tender...for the sauce, at first I didn't know what she ordered, so I couldn't tell what it taste like..(not being a food expert yet lol). Anyway, the sauce was mild and creamy (but it is not my taste)

Another N'Ploy's : Risotto Pescatore with a fine selection of seafood $26.50.
Nothing special...taste was very mild ..Only one thing I like just that they put lots of seafood.

Ja's : Robolo : Fresh pasta roll filled with veal, pinenuts, spinach, served with sauce bechamel, tomato, parmigiano & oven-baked $21.00 (Entree size)

I chose this because that night I felt like eating some creamy pasta...and I made the right decision...The texture of pasta was for my liking, the sauce was creamy...Only the filling, the veal wasn't special and if they put more spinach would be perfect !

just 4 dishes, our table was almost full.

Ja and N'F

The last dish came. N'F's : Pollo alla Salvia : Breast of chicken with avocado & Tasmanian brie cheese, pan fried & served with fresh cream & sage sauce $29.90

Just a bit strange for me that the chicken, the brie and avocado came so separately....quite ok by the way.

Hahaha...6 space !

Of course, it didn't take us too long to finish all of that....They asked we gonna continue having dessert here or move to other shops....I insisted ...Here ! :P

Here we go !

The dessert menu seems all nice, then we thought that we would better try just 3 first....

Tiramisu : torta con cafe liqueur mascarpone and cream $ 14.50.

I think the decoration was too much...looks so messy. Actually the taste was quite nice but when we ate with the cream sauce...almost too rich.

Tower of Pisa : Fresh strawberries layered between biscuit and cream $14.50

Very beautiful not only the apperance but also the taste. The short biscuit, sweet strawberries, the creamy sauce....especially the tangy of strawberry sauce made this dish so fantastic.

The Hi light dessert for me...Chocolate Pudding served warm with chocolate Kahlua anglaise and ice cream $14.50

The pudding was soooooooooo moist and chocolaty...and kahlua anglaise and cold vanilla ice cream.... all together...Ahhh...Awesome !!

They made such a beautiful presentation....

We were so much more happy when saw the desserts came than the savoury

With N'Pea

My favourite !

Well done !

Thanks all you guys for having a memorable dinner with me ^ ^

Borsari Ristorante

201 Lygon St., Calton, Vic 3053

Tel : (03) 9349 1444

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