Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 9 in Melbourne : Daity Sichuan Food, Izakaya Chuji, San Churro

Finally ...I went to Dainty Sichuan Food ....After read lots of reviews and everyone keep telling me that it is soooo good and very spicy...even I don't like spicy food but for Sichuan food, always wanna try.

We, 3 of us, went there at 11.45 am...have just a few tables.

I got the a bit sticky and soft rice which is the way I love ...hehe...happy !

Kung Pao Chicken $16.80

Deryk's favourite...It was very nice...I have never try Kung Pao Chicken before...from its look, I though the taste will be like Stir fried chicken with cashew nut..but it is more flavour...sweet, sour, salty and spicy...tasty !

Dry Stir fried Beans with Minced Pork $14.80

It was nice but not as good as the one I had in Malaysia...(but it is different style..that one is Taiwanese food)

Spicy Cumin Pork Spare Ribs $18.80

Very very tender. Cumin gives a good kick in this dish, great flavour!! I think it has lots of MSG but at the same time it was addictive and you just keep going for that next piece! I ate about half of this dish...Now Ja's stomach is getting improved lol

Even the piece that don't have soft and succulent !

3 people, 3 dishes...

Can't eat anymore....

The best Sichuan food I have had...wanna go again for eggplant and many dishes....

After lunch...we had nothing to do, Deryk played Winning, Henrik played the game at Cyber Cafe and I posted my blog waiting for dinner...hahaha

We made a booking at 7.30 pm at Izakaya Chuji !

Lots of people waiting...lucky we booked.

Got a special menu on the board in Japanese and English but we didn't order from it...

Hot green tea.

Takoyaki : Ten small balls of pancake with octopus tentacles. It is the soft version...normal for me.

Shishamo : Grilled small river fish with roe.

Nasu Hasamiage : Eggplant stuffed with minced beef and bread crumbs

Deep fried soft Tofu : Crispy outside and soft inside..very nice actaully but will be a lot better if have some sauce.

Gyu Sashi : Tender beef sliced served with special sauce.

The sauce was nice, a bit tangy and the meat was tender. They sliced it not too thin..I prefer this one than at Nazimi

The eggplant is nice but not special...beef filling tasted like Hamburg we had last time.

The Hamachi sashimi : Yellow Tail sashimi...So fresh !

8 Tempura Prawns : 2 for Ja, 3 for Deryk and 3 for Henrik

Teriyaki Chicken...very typical.

Overall, I think it is very normal Japanese food for me....anyway, I was very very full....still full from Lunch at Dainty Sichuan then after dinner...hurr..can't breath...but then Deryk said..he want dessert 0_O

Actually we wanna eat at Max Brenner but it was packed, we headed to the new branch of San Churro where is located at QV...Wow..there are lots of new menu...

Wanna try..but can't T_T

Hot and Cold : Classic Spanish hot chocolate with a scoop of white chocolate ice cream $5.70

It was too thick and too rich...Deryk drank just 1/4...

We got more....

Ice cream Sundae : Dark, milk and white Chocolate ice cream on a San Churro Brownie topped with freshly whipped cream and milk chocolate $9.50

Their ice cream is still very nice...Dark , milk and white...every flavour are very chocolaty...but brownie is dry as before...haha

After dinner at Izakaya Chuji, I felt too full but when had some ice felt so much

Dainty Sichuan
26 Corrs Lane, Melbourne 3000
Tel : (03) 9663 8861

Izakaya Chuji

165 Lonsdale St., Melbourne 3000

Tel : (03) 9663 8118

San Churro

QV Shop LTL 255, QV Centre,
Swanston St. Melbourne


Hungry Hamster said...

Ohhh Dainty Sichuan is open already!! I wanted to go there before I leave but it was under construction!! Can't wait to try it ka!

Bean Sprout said...

hungry hamster : yeah...i heard from my friend also...lucky me ^ ^

Deez Nuuts said...

That looks pretty good. Every time I go to Melbourne I struggle to find any good Japanese food, so we always end up eating Italian, which isn't such a bad thing.

btw, hamachi is actually called Kingfish here in Australia. In Japan Kingfish can be called either Hamachi or Hiramasa.