Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 7 in Melbourne Part 2 : Tiamo 2, Brunetti

Tonite dinner was dating with cute girl who now doing Tourism at WAI...I felt like eating we went to Lygon St...

and ended up at TiAMO 2

The atmosphere is nice...many people..

We sat on 2nd floor...actually I think sitting outside or 1st floor is much better...2nd floor was a bit too warm and couldn't feel the winter.

They are special menu of the day on the big black board on the wall...

Bobo had a glass of Riesling white wine $6.00 and I had a glass of sparkling white wine $7.50

My little girl...

My dish : Sardines Siciliana Napoli & Olive $24.50

The Sardines were crumbed with egg and bread crumbs then pan fried served with tomato sauce in Sicilian style...quite nice...the Sardines were fresh and the sauce was well-balance with flavour...not too heavy not too light.

Bobo's dish : Veal Mushroom Risotto $17.90

I like it...the veal were very tender and fell apart...but this version of risotto was dryer than what I have had before...and just..... a bit too strong of flavour for me if I have to finish this dish...very peppery...

Ja was happy ^ ^

Buttered bread...a bit strange that they served the bread that was buttered.

Bobo took our picture with her left hand...very good, eh?

It was very nice dinner...We spent time talking about many stuffs...

Down stair has an array of Antipasti display...looks like Taiwanese food at Cho Dumpling King..hahaha

After dinner...we met her friend at Brunetti on Lygon St. to have some cakes :D

Telling the truth..this place is very impressive..even I think thier cakes are just normal..some are not nice...but I still like the place...

already 9.30 pm...still very crowded.

Bobo and her friend - Mew

I had Affogato Mocha with whipped cream $5.00 Fantastic !

Bobo had her mini cups of cakes...they all have difficult names...but all same taste lol

Mew had Triple Chocolate Mousse

Such a memorable meal !

I definitely come back for my Seafood crepe.....

Brunetti Carlton

194 - 204 Faraday St.,

Carlton Vic 3053

Tel: (03) 9347 2801

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