Thursday, July 24, 2008

IP Lesson 3 : Gateau Mille Feuille

Chef Andre is our Wednesday chef...We always saw him came in during our basic demo classs asking for something ^ ^

Anyway, we made Gateau Mille Feuille which is made from reversed puff pastry again...Mille Feuille means ‘ a thousand layers ‘. It’s a French classic dessert made with two or three puff pastry laid on top of each other, and in between consisting Cream Patisserie, or whipped cream. In our case, we used Creme Diplomate. Creme Diplomat is Creme Patisserie mixed with gelatine and whipped cream. It’s something like Napoleon, and here, in Australia, it’s called Vanilla Slices.

Chef Andre put the white chocolate decorated with red colour to make it looks special..hehe

At first, I thought that chef cut it off into too small pieces...I ate one..satisfied... then I took another I can feel it was too much :P But the taste was incredibly good..the puff was very super flaky, short and light. The cream was so rich and creamy...Chef put rum also ...hehe

So huge reversed puff pastry came out so good...(everyone's also)

My decoration could be a lot better if I draw the chocolate line closer...

We got 2 Gateau to bring home...I quickly cut and let my housemate tasted...They love it !!!!!

It is one of the great recipe I made so far, however, I don't think I will make it again...The reversed puff pastry is not easy to make at home...or should I try buying the frozen puff from supermarket ?


iheartbread said...

Your mille feuille looks fantastic, good job!

hot garlic said...

Hi! I found your blog from the foodie blogroll. That cake cooks AMAZING! I think I gained a kilo or two just looking at it.

I am an expat living in Sydney. I don't desire to be a chef, but would otherwise love a career working with food and am thinking about taking the cuisine courses at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney. Perhaps I'll see you there {unless you are in Melbourne or Adelaide, in which case I won't}


Bean Sprout said...

iheartbread : Thanks ^ ^ My housemates said it was nice too..hehe

hot garlic : Thanks for visiting my blog...Now i am in Sydney, maybe I'll see you one day. Your blog tells that you are already an expert in cooking already :)

honey bee said...

Just chanced upon your blog. Thanks for sharing your experience at LCB. Really interested to find out more... e.g. did you consider any other schools around the Asia region? what experience does one need to enter LCB? thanks