Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 2 in Melbourne : Izakaya Chuji, Koko Black and Han Gauk Guan

We woke up at 11.30 am..haha.. 1st time for me to wake up this late in the past 10 months...Emmie, Deryk's friend who studying in New Zealand, came to Melbourne yesterday (same day with me) so we had lunch together at Izakaya Chuji.

Not too many people today...surprised.

We have never known that they have speacial menu for lunch time. It is very cute and simple menu for bento box and we can choose one from each catagory...A,B,C,D $14.50

I really wanna come back again to try dinner there...have heard from P'Nut that it is a good place for small Japanese Tapas.

Real hot green can differentiate from the normal Japanese restaurant...

Miso...good again..not too salty.

Ja's bento: Sashimi, Hamburg, Kaki fry (crumbed and fried oyster), and Horenso (chilled spinach)

Deryk's bento : Sashimi, Hamburg, Niku Jaga (meat, potato and veg stew) and soba noodle.

I didn't take picture of Emmie's bento...hehe...but I think she had sashimi, teriyaki chicken, Gyoza and chilled spinach.

The taste of sashimi is much better than it looks in this photo...King fish is very fresh.

We will come back again for dinner ^ ^

After lunch, We went to meet Henrik at home cuz they had to open the bank account...We were so sleepy, Deryk said ''Let's go to Koko black'' Yeah !!!!!

This time we went to the Collins st. branch...I have never had here...look much more formal than other branches...

I really want they open the shop in Sydney....><

Wild strawberry ice cream with Sienna Strawberry ganache and chocolate garnish $8.50

They took this menu off from the Lygon St. branch...Deryk said this time it taste more like yoghurt which is better.

The best hot chocolate mocha ever...$5.75

Cake & Biscuit Plate (new) $ 5.00
Chocolate cake and two shortbreads. Accompanied by chocolate mousse (contains nuts)

At the end of this tea time....too much chocolate...><

I think my post is too long now...I was thinking so hard how I should manage the post from this restaurant or by day...finally I blog it by day...but I will try to devide in to smaller parts.
Our dinner was at Han Guuk Guan ...

It was packed of people...

In the back of wooden chopstick tells you how to use chopstick...cute.

Korean small side dishes.

Khum Pung Khi (Sweet and spicy chicken) $27....It was HUGE !!! one of the most famous dishes in the place, you can see every table order it... but I found it was too sweet and prefer the one at Oriental spoon...

Korean Black bean noodles $15.00...It has 2 black bean noodle on the menu...chinese and korean style...we ordered the korean one....but so sad... it was not the one I want...taste like sweet spaghetti sauce...Deryk likes it by the way...

After mixed...

Marinated pork BBQ...not spicy as it's look...but we were too full when it came !

2 cute boys....Mum, you don't need to be worry about them...even always got fights...but they take care each other very well :P

Izakaya Chuji
165 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Tel : (03) 9663 8118
Koko Black
52 Collins St., Melbourne
Tel : (03) 9663 5567
Han Gauk Guan
corner of Exhibition St, 13 Victoria St
Tel : (03) 9639 1747

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