Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Last Friday was Bank's graduation ceremony from UTS...We about 7 people went to Dee Why RSL in Manly beach. I have never been to Manly beach before so a bit excited and happy !

Flame is restaurant and lounge in Dee Why RSL.

The restaurant is quite modern and packed of people who love gambling...cuz it is the casino also.

Huge and nice open kitchen !

1 bottle of red wine was ordered to fulfill our meal.
Some of us had an orange juice and a glass of wine...u know what Ja had :P

Seafood Platter $80 I think it is quite reasonable price...cheaper than restaurants in Darling Harbour...we ordered 2 of this o_O

The biggest ribs I have seen ever ! . Evn the tenderness isn't as good as Outback or Tony Roma, the sauce was tasty and lots of flavour and the best thing is...Huge !!! We had 2 of this ...

Can see it compared with my happy face?

Cut cut cut by chef from WAI, Melbourne :P

Caesar salad...can't taste any caesar dressing -_-'' We was thinking that it is their style or they forgot to put dressing lol

One of us wanna eat pizza cuz he thought it will be Italian style, thin and crispy crust...but a bit disappointed...thick as American style.

Dessert shelf...looks so normal but we still order 3 desserts

Lemon Meringue tart....I have never make it but i think i can make the better one..hehe

Raspberry chilled cheesecake...this one was nice, light and tangy.

Orange and chocolate cake...I like it the most, the cake was moist and contains almond meal and orange peel...so bad we were all too full to finish them.

Mocha and Macchiato.

Lucky Ja! Thanks Bank and his family to take Ja there -/\-

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