Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lesson 27 : Chilled Cheesecake, Baked Cheesecake

One of the most my favourite desserts.....Cheesecake !

There are 2 types of cheesecake, chilled and baked

For chilled cheesecake, the ingredient to make it set is gelatin while for baked cheesecake is eggs. However, chef Michael said if we wanna make chilled cheesecake but don't have gelatin, we can use white chocolate to make it set (of course it will be white choc cheesecake lol)

All of them is chilled cheesecake made by chef Michael....Normally I prefer baked one cuz like the richness of it...but after tried the chilled one here, wow...LCB's cheesecake recipe is very good..^ ^

We can make an individual one, soooooo cute !

Also, we got a chance to make Fruit Jelly from the lesson which was on Public holiday. I put 100 ml of cointreau instead of 50ml from the recipe ...:P

In the Kitchen, we can choose to make baked or chilled cheesecake, or can do both if got time cuz we do in pair or group....but Soo hee and I agreed to make just Baked cheesecake...Lazy girlsssssssss

I am so pround of myself when saw the cheesecake was coming out from the was HUGE ! the biggest cheesecake I have ever bake...2 recipes use 2.4 kg of creamcheese and about 9 eggs...

After arrived home, quickly put in the freezer and brought to Melbourne on Thursday morning...

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